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o_Boehm091317 Celebrating a Life in History Our founder and longtime leader Eric Boehm passed away last week after a short illness. Eric's life was an extremely rich one, in which he succeeded beyond all measure in so many things: as entrepreneur, publisher, philanthropist, visionary technologist, historian, family man, and much more. After a military career that included interrogating captured Nazis for the American Army-Air Force in the aftermath of World War II, Eric and his beloved wife Inge founded Historical Abstracts in postwar Austria. The new publication represented a brave and original attempt at systematizing and organizing the study of history, a novel idea at the time. The venture's success and sustainability were guaranteed by Eric's spirited networking with academic historians, rigorous publishing, and a commitment to using technology to track and present the study of history. By 1960, the Boehms were in Santa Barbara, where Eric merged his growing number of historical abstract publications with another venture, Clio Press, to become ABC-CLIO. Ever since, the company and the Boehm family have played a rich role in our community and in the educational publishing industry. Today we are an award-winning publisher of print and digital materials. Although the products have changed over the years, all our publications are infused with Eric's original commitment to historical research, education, and using technology to improve both. Eric and Inge's original dream was a thriving company that could contribute--on an international level--to historical education and research. That dream has been fulfilled many times over. And along the way, a lot of us who assumed that a love of history couldn't possibly be the basis for a successful business and career have been happily surprised, all thanks to Eric's vision and perseverance. Past and present ABC-CLIO employees extend their condolences to the Boehm family and join with them in celebrating the life of a great man. The ABC-CLIO Team