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SANTA BARBARA COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE (701.530 and 701.540 CCP) SHERIFF'S CIVIL NO. 18-153 Case No. 1440419 UNDER AN EXECUTION issued out of the Santa Barbara County Superior Court, Anacapa Division , State of California, on January 9, 2018, on a judgment rendered on December 1, 2017 , IN FAVOR OF Kira Walther, c/o Drury Pullen, APLC, The Pueblo Building, 148 E. Carrillo St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 AND AGAINST Howard Walther, 214 Santa Catalina St., Santa Barbara, CA 93109 for the sum of $38,685.59 Dollars; I HAVE LEVIED upon all the right, title, claim and interest of the debtor(s) Howard Walther, 214 Santa Catalina St., Santa Barbara, CA 93109 , in the County of Santa Barbara, described as follows: All that certain real property situated in the County of Santa Barbara, State of California, described as follows: 525 Bobcat Springs Rd. fka 1323 Rolling Meadow Ln., Buellton, CA 93427 APN: 099-430-18 CONTACT SHERIFF'S CIVIL FOR LEGAL DESCRIPTION Prospective bidders should refer to Section 701.510 to 701.680, inclusive, the Code of Civil Procedure for provisions governing the terms, conditions, and effect of the sale and the liability of defaulting bidders. (CCP 701.547) Minimum Bid Amount: $39,347.73 PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I will proceed to sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash in lawful money of the United States all the right, title, claim, and interest of the debtor(s) in the above described property or so much as will be sufficient to satisfy said Writ with interest and all costs on: August 30,2018, at Ten o'clock AM., at the Sheriff's Civil Unit, 1105 Santa Barbara St., Santa Barbara, California . Dated at Santa Barbara, California, on July 24, 2018 Susanna Pullen, Drury Pullen, APLC BILL BROWN, SHERIFF Attorney for Creditor By: _________|s|___________ The Pueblo Building, 148 E. Carrillo St. Dep. Donald Friedli Address Santa Barbara, CA 93101 City State Zip Code NOTE: It is a misdemeanor to take down or deface a posted notice before the date of sale. (Penal Code Section 611) JUL 29; AUG 5, 12 / 2018 -- 53889
NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the Community Services Department, Parks Division, County of Santa Barbara will receive bids for: COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA Point Sal Access Road Repairs (Phase 1) and Culvert Repairs (Phase 2) Located Approximately Four Miles Southeast of Highway 1 on Brown Road, Guadalupe, CA 93434 Project No. 8455 MANDATORY JOB WALK: 11:00 A.M., Tuesday, August 22, 2018 BID OPENING DATE: 3:00 P.M., Wednesday, September 12, 2018 CONSTRUCTION COST ESTIMATE : $300,000 PROJECT LOCATION : Pt. Sal Trail, located Approximately Four Miles Southeast of Highway 1 on Brown Road, Guadalupe, CA 93434 MANDATORY JOB WALK : There will be a MANDATORY job walk noted above. Only those prime contractors attending the job walk shall be qualified to bid the work. The meeting point will be the Point Sal Trailhead;,-120.6242737,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80ec41a1b8297acd:0x1e04e373a88e581e!8m2!3d34.9127456!4d-120.6189576 EXAMINATION OF SITE : Each bidder shall examine the site of work before bidding and shall be responsible for having acquired full knowledge of the job and of all problems affecting it. No variations or allowances from the contract sum will be made because of lack of such examination. PROJECT DESCRIPTION : PHASE 1: The road repair project consists of the excavation and replacement of approximately 25 vertical feet of the existing roadway, replacement of the existing 6 diameter metal culvert and headwalls with a longer and larger (7 diameter) culvert and metal headwalls. The rebuilt slopes include three 18 diameter down drains to help reduce future erosion. PHASE 2: The culvert repair project is located approximately 1,500 feet northwest from the Phase 1 project site on the Point Sal Trail road and repairs a failed 18 diameter metal culvert approximately 1,500 feet southwest of the Phase 1 site on the Point Sal Trail road. The project consists of removal of the existing culvert and replacement with a concrete headwall, 18 diameter HDPE pipe and down drain, with rock rip rap at the outfall. The project includes slope restoration and roadway repairs, AC pavement and guard rail construction. CONTRACTOR'S LICENSE: The CONTRACTOR shall possess a Class A (General Engineering) license at the time this Contract is awarded. CONSTRUCTION TIME : The successful CONTRACTOR (after receiving the Notice to Proceed) shall have sixty (60) calendar days to complete all work called for under the Contract Documents. QUESTIONS : All questions should be addressed to the Community Services Dept. Parks Capital Division Manager, Jill Van Wie, via e-mail: . BID DOCUMENTS: To request the plans, specifications and proposal forms for bidding this project please contact Jill Van Wie, Capital Division Manager; (805) 568-2470; e-mail: . BID SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS: Each bid shall be in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the Community Services Department. The bid shall be sealed and received at the Community Services Administration office located at 123 E. Anapamu Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Barbara, California, 93101, on or before 3:00 P.M. , Wednesday, September 12, 2018 , at which time each bid will be opened. The Official Time will be determined by the Community Services Bid Clock, located at the address indicated above. SUBSTITUTION OF SECURITIES : Pursuant to Section 22300 of the Public Contract Code and the project specifications, the CONTRACTOR may substitute securities or request that the County make payment of retentions to an escrow agent for any money held by the COUNTY to ensure contract performance. PREVAILING WAGES : Bidders are hereby notified that that all work performed under this agreement is subject to the Davis-Bacon Federal minimum wage rates and prevailing wage rates pursuant to the California Labor Code. Pursuant to Section 110 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 and Section 1770, et. seq. of the California Labor Code, the contractor and all subcontractors shall not pay less than the prevailing rate of per diem wages as predetermined by the United States Secretary of Labor and by the Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations. If there is a difference between the Federal Minimum Wages and the General Prevailing Wage Determinations as predetermined by the Secretary of Labor and by the Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations for similar classifications of labor, the contractor shall pay not less than the higher wage rate. The applicable Davis-Bacon Federal wage decisions are included in the bid documents. Copies of the prevailing rate of per diem wages pursuant to the California Labor Code are on file at the County Department of Community Services Parks Division and are available to any interested party on request. In addition : - No contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal for a public works project unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code section 1725.5 [with limited exceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under Labor Code section 1771.1(a)]. - No contractor or subcontractor may be awarded a contract for public work on a public works project unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code section 1725.5. - This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES : The liquidated damages will be One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150) per day for project delays that are determined to be attributable to the CONTRACTOR. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION : The work to be performed under this contract is on a project assisted under a program providing direct federal financial assistance and subject to 24 CFR 85.36(e). The County hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively insure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged, minority and womens business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, religious creed, sex, or national origin in consideration for an award. Minority- and women-owned and operated businesses are encouraged to apply. SECTION 3 : The work to be performed under this contract is funded by federal financial assistance and is subject to the requirements of Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended, 12 USC 1701u. Section 3 requires that to the greatest extent feasible opportunities for training and employment be given to low and moderate income persons residing within the project area and that the contracts for work in connection with the project be awarded to qualified business concerns. Regulations for implementing the Section 3 clause are contained in 24 CFR 135, as amended and are attached under the Bid Documents Special Conditions Federal Requirements. CONFLICT OF INTEREST : In the procurement of supplies, equipment, construction, and services by sub-recipients, the conflict of interest provisions in (State LCA 24 CFR 85.36 and Non-Profit Organizations 24 CFR 84.4), OMB Circular A-110, and 24 CFR 540.611, respectively, shall apply. No employee, officer or agent of the sub-recipient shall participate in selection, or in the award or administration of a contract supported by Federal funds if a conflict of interest, real or apparent, would be involved. WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS : The COUNTY reserves the right to reject any and or all bids or waive any informality in a bid. No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of sixty (60) days after the date set for the opening thereof. BID SELECTION : The COUNTY reserves the right to select any one or any combination of bids, whichever is in the best interest of the COUNTY. AUG 12 / 2018 -- 53898


SUMMONS Cross-Complaint (CITACION JUDICIAL- CONTRADEMANDA) NOTICE TO CROSS-DEFENDANT: (AVISO AL CONTRA-D MANDADO): ALL PERSONS UNKNOWN, CLAIMING ANY LEGAL OR EQUITABLE RIGHT, TITLE, ESTATE, LIEN, OR INTEREST IN THE PROPERTY DESCRIBED IN THIS CROSS-COMPLAINT ADVERSE TO CROSS-COMPLAINANTS TITLE OR ANY CLOUD ON CROSS-COMPLAINANTS TITLE THERETO The subject of the action is: The real property in the unincorporated area of the County of Santa Barbara, State of California, located at 1299 Estrella Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93110, Tax Assessor Parcel No.: 063-141-016, and described as follows: LOT 38 AS SHOWN ON SHEET NO. 2 OF 6 SHEETS OF THAT CERTAIN MAP OF A SUBDIVISION OF SANTA BARBARA ESTATES PORTION OF HOPE RANCH PARK, IN THE COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, RECORDED ON JUNE 20, 1924 IN BOOK 15, PAGES 51 TO 56, INCLUSIVE, OF MAPS, IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY RECORDER OF SAID COUNTY. EXCEPTING THEREFROM THAT PORTION THEREOF GRANTED TO ROBERT D. JACKSON, ET UX., BY DEED RECORDED FEBRUARY 7, 1963 AS INSTRUMENT NO. 5665 IN BOOK 1975, PAGE 835 OF OFFICIAL RECORDS. YOU ARE BEING SUED BY CROSS-COMPLAINANT: (LO ESTç DEMANDANDO EL CONTRADEMANDANTE): LEAH CARDAMORE STOKES TRUSTEE OF THE CARDAMORE 2015 PROPERTY TRUST, DATED APRIL 20, 2015 You have 30 CALENDAR DAYS after this summons and legal papers are served on you to file a written response at this court and have a copy served on the cross-complainant. A letter or phone call will not protect you. Your written response must be in proper legal form if you want the court to hear your case. There may be a court form that you can use for your response. You can find these forms and more information at the California Courts Online Self-Help Center (, your county law library, or the courthouse nearest you. If you cannot pay the filing fee, ask the court clerk for a fee waiver form. If you do not file your response on time, you may lose the case by default, and your wages, money, and property may be taken without further warning from the court. There are other legal requirements. You may want to call an attorney right away. If you do not know an attorney, you may want to call an attorney referral service. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for free legal services from a nonprofit legal services program. You can locate these nonprofit groups at the California Legal Services Web site (, the California Courts Online Self-Help Center (, or by contacting your local court or county bar association. NOTE: The court has a statutory lien for waived fees and costs on any settlement or arbitration award of $10,000 or more in a civil case. The courts lien must be paid before the court will dismiss the case. Tiene 30 DAS DE CALENDARIO despu s de que le entreguen esta citaci n y papeles legales para presentar una respuesta por escrito en esta corte y hacer que se entregue una copia al contrademandante. Una carta o una llamada telef nica no lo protegen. Su respuesta por escrito tiene que estar en formato legal correcto si desea que procesen su caso en la corte. Es posible que haya un formulario que usted pueda usar para su respuesta. Puede encontrar estos formularios de la corte y m s informaci n en el Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California (, en la biblioteca de leyes de su condado o en la corte que le quede mas cerca. Si no puede pagar la cuota de presentaci n, pida al secretario de la corte que le d un formulario de exenci n de pago de cuotas. Si no presenta su respuesta a tiempo, puede perder el caso por incumplimiento y la corte le podr quitar su sueldo, dinero y bienes sin m s advertencia. Hay otros requisitos legales. Es recommendable que llame a un abogado inmediatamente. Si no conoce a un abogado, puede llamar a un servicio de remissi n a abogados. Si no puede pagar a un abogado, es posible que cumpla con los requisitos para obtener servicios legales gratuitos de un programa de servicios legales sin fines de lucro. Puede encontrar estos grupos sin fines de lucro en el sitio web de California Legal Services, (www.lawhelp, en el Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California, (www.sucorte. o poni ndose en contacto con la corte o el colegio de abogados locales. AVISO: Por ley, la corte tiene derecho a reclamar las cuotas y los costos exentos por imponer un gravamen sobre cualquier recuperaci n de $10,000 m s de valor recibida mediante un acuerdo o una concesi n de arbitraje en un caso de derecho civil. Tiene que pagar el gravamen de la corte antes de que la corte pueda desechar el caso. The name and address of the court is: (El nombre y direcci n de la corte es): Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara 1100 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93121-1107 CASE NUMBER: (Numero del Caso:) 17CV03484 Darrel E. Parker, Executive Officer The name, address, and telephone number of plaintiff's attorney, or plaintiff without an attorney, is: (El nombre, la direcci n, y el n mero de tel fono del abogado del demandante, o del demandante que no tiene abogado, es): Briana McCarthy MCCARTHY & KROES 125 East Victoria, Suite A, SANTA BARBARA, CA 93101 805.564.2085 DATE: (Fecha) 3/7/2018 Clerk, by (Secretario) /s/ Terri Chavez, Deputy (Adjunto) July 29; Aug. 5, 12, 19/2018--53871
Early Notice and Public Review of a Proposed Activity in a 100-Year Floodplain To: All interested Agencies, Groups and Individuals This is to give notice that HUD under part 50 has determined that the following proposed action under MAP 221(d)(4) New Construction, FHA number 122-35739 is located in the 100-year floodplain, and HUD will be identifying and evaluating practicable alternatives to locating the action in the floodplain and the potential impacts on the floodplain from the proposed action, as required by Executive Order 11988, in accordance with HUD regulations at 24 CFR 55.20 Subpart C Procedures for Making Determinations on Floodplain Management and Protection of Wetlands. The proposed development, identified as the Milpas Mixed Use is the proposed location of a four-story mixed use structure situated on 1.55 acres of land. Additional improvements at the subject property include parking areas, sidewalks and associated landscaping. The subject property is located on the western corner of North Milpas Street and East Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, California. The proposed action requires the demolition of the existing commercial and warehouse buildings (approximately 29,488 square feet) and two apartments (1,330 square feet) over the lighting store and the construction of a new mixed use building consisting of 2,874 square feet of retail space at the corner of Milpas and Ortega Streets and 76 apartment units plus community amenities, including a fitness room, leasing office and maintenance area. The project includes 76 residential and 12 commercial parking spaces. According to FEMA FIRM Community Panel #06083C1387H, and dated November 4, 2015, the subject property is located in Zone AH, areas subject to inundation having a 1% or greater annual chance of flooding. The Base Flood Elevation is 19.5 feet NAVD 1988 datum. The proposed development plans address floodplain concerns by incorporating the following design elements: (1) The commercial retail space at the corner of Milpas and Ortega (2,874 sf) will remain at grade and will be dry-floodproofed using flood gate technology per building code requirements; (2) The remaining residential space fronting Milpas will include three residential units, and those units will be raised to Design Flood Elevation (DFE), which is 1 ft above BFE; (3) The residential portion of the building along Milpas is pulled back three feet to provide additional landscaping opportunities in front of the first-floor units along the pedestrian right-of-way. The interior courtyard is reduced three feet in width and is raised to DFE; (4) At the east elevation facing Ortega, units are also carried down to the first floor and raised to DFE; and, (5) Residential amenities including the fitness room and leasing office are located to the courtyard side of the building and are also raised to DFE. Loss of life as a result of flooding is the highest priority concern, and the existing design minimizes potential damage to the property and multi-family units as a result of potential flooding. The proposed project is located at 711 North Milpas Street in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California and is identified as Parcel ID Numbers 031-121-011, 031-121-014, 031-121-016, 031-121-017, 031-121-019, 031-121-021, 031-121-022 and 031-121-024. There are three primary purposes for this notice. First, people who may be affected by activities in floodplains and those who have an interest in the protection of the natural environment should be given an opportunity to express their concerns and provide information about these areas. Commenters are encouraged to offer alternative sites outside of the floodplain/wetland, alternative methods to serve the same project purpose, and methods to minimize and mitigate impacts. Second, an adequate public notice program can be an important public educational tool. The dissemination of information and request for public comment about floodplains can facilitate and enhance Federal efforts to reduce the risks and impacts associated with the occupancy and modification of these special areas. Third, as a matter of fairness, when the Federal government determines it will participate in actions taking place in floodplains/wetlands, it must inform those who may be put at greater or continued risk. Written comments must be received by HUD at the following address on or before August 28, 2018: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Attention: Ryan Lewis, One Sansome Street, Suite 1200, San Francisco, CA 94104. A full description of the project may also be reviewed from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm at the address above. Comments may also be submitted via email at . Date: August 12, 2018 Aug. 12/2018--53920