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NOTICE INVITING RFP: Notice is hereby given that the Santa Barbara Unified School District will receive proposals from prequalified firms for Preconstruction and Lease-Leaseback Services for the Dos Pueblos High School CTE Pavilion Project (Project). Contractor License required: B, General Building Contractor. Submittal Deadline: Proposals must be received by November 16, 2018 , by 4:00 p.m. at the office of Santa Barbara Unified School District, 724 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, Attention: Steve Vizzolini. Anticipated Start of Construction: May 2020 . Prequalification: All firms submitting a proposal to this RFP must be prequalified with the District pursuant to Public Contract Code section 20111.6 (b)-(m) without exception prior to submitting a proposal. Prequalification documents must be submitted by November 6, 2018 by 4:00 PM. Pursuant to Public Contract Code section 20111.6(j) a list of prequalified general contractors and electrical, mechanical, and plumbing subcontractors will be made available by the District no later than five business days before the proposal opening at the Santa Barbara Unified School District, Planning Dept., 724 Santa Barbara St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Prequalification packages are available through the Santa Barbara Unified School District, Planning Dept., 724 Santa Barbara St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 963-4338 x6280. Pre-qualification questions must be directed to L.M. Sweaney at or leave a voice message at (909) 337-8302. Prequalification packages must be submitted to L.M. Sweaney & Associates, 180 Grass Valley Rd., Lot 3, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 (UPS or FED-EX ONLY) (Voice Message: 909-336-2771) no later than the date specified herein. FAXED PRE-QUALIFICATION APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Prevailing Wages: Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1773 and 1773.2 of the Labor Code of the State of California, the District has obtained from the Director of Industrial Relations (DIR), the general prevailing rate of per diem wages and the general prevailing rate for holiday and overtime work in the locality in which the work is to be performed for each craft, classification or type of workman needed to execute the contract which is available for review at During the Work, the DIR will monitor compliance with prevailing wage rate requirements and enforce the Contractors prevailing wage rate obligations, with a copy of the same being on file with the clerk of the Districts governing board. It shall be mandatory upon the contractor to whom the contract is awarded, and upon any subcontractor under him, to pay not less than the said specified rates to all workmen employed by them in the execution of the contract, and to comply with all prevailing wage requirements set forth in the Labor Code. DIR Registration/Monitoring: Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1771.1 of the Labor Code of the State of California, a contractor or subcontractor shall not be qualified to bid or engage in the performance of any contract for this project unless; (1) currently registered and qualified to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5; or (2) expressly authorized to submit a bid by Section 1771.1 and provided the contractor is registered to perform public work pursuant to section 1725.5 at the time the contract is awarded. This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the DIR. The successful Bidder will be required to post all job-site notices required by DIR regulations and other applicable law. Project and Submittal Information: The full scope of work for the Project, prequalification information, and the required submittal information is further set forth in the Request for Proposals (the "RFP") available on the District's website at , or via email request to Steve Vizzolini at As further described in the RFP, the successful proposal will be determined based on that which offers the best value determination made pursuant to the criteria and evaluation process set forth in the RFP. Following its selection of the successful Responder, the District will notify all Responders of its intent to award a contract. If the District is unable to successfully negotiate a LLB Contract with the successful Responder which is satisfactory to the District, or if the selected proposer refuses or fails to execute the tendered contract, the District may award the contract to the proposer with the second highest best value score, if deemed in the best interest of the District. If that proposer then refuses or fails to execute the tendered contract, the Board may award the contract to the proposer with the third highest best value score, and so on. OCT 7, 14 / 2018 -- 54073
Final Notice and Public Explanation of a Proposed Activity in a 100-Year Floodplain To: All interested Agencies, Groups and Individuals This is to give notice that the HUD under part 50 has conducted an evaluation as required by Executive Order 11988, in accordance with HUD regulations at 24 CFR 55.20 Subpart C Procedures for Making Determinations on Floodplain Management and Wetlands Protection. The activity is funded under the MAP 221(d)(4) New Construction, FHA number 122-35739. The proposed project is located at 711 North Milpas Street in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California and is identified as Parcel ID Numbers 031-121-011, 031-121-014, 031-121-016, 031-121-017, 031-121-019, 031-121-021, 031-121-022 and 031-121-024. The proposed development, identified as the Milpas Mixed Use is the proposed location of a four-story mixed use structure situated on 1.55 acres of land. Additional improvements at the subject property include parking areas, sidewalks and associated landscaping. The subject property is located on the western corner of North Milpas Street and East Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, California. According to FEMA FIRM Community Panel #06083C1387H, and dated November 4, 2015, the subject property is located in Zone AH, areas subject to inundation having a 1% or greater annual chance of flooding. The Base Flood Elevation is 19.5 feet NAVD 1988 datum. HUD has considered the following alternatives and mitigation measures to be taken to minimize adverse impacts and to restore and preserve natural and beneficial values: (1) The developer attempted to locate other property development sites located outside of the floodplain and considered three alternative sites. These properties were additionally situated in the 100-year floodplain with one location being previously developed with a historic gas station and subject to vicinity releases and a second location already under construction. The most recent land sale listing for Santa Barbara as reported by CoStar were evaluated, which included an additional 13 sites. Of the 13 sites, only 3 were deemed as relevant given their locations, size and zoning designation. Two of these sites are additionally located in the 100-year floodplain and the third is under escrow. Developable land is scarce in the Santa Barbara market, and only 7 properties traded in the past 24 months as reported by CBRE & Real Capital Analytics. Therefore, there are no practical alternative sites. The selected site is located along a main business corridor along N. Milpas Street and is currently developed with an underutilized hardware store. The site is also large enough to accommodate the needs of a mixed-use development, which is consistent with the uses of surrounding properties. It is additionally ideally suited on the corner of two major roads in downtown Santa Barbara (N. Milpas Street and E. Ortega Street), providing future residential tenants convenient, walkable access to downtown amenities and optimal visibility for lower-level commercial/retail tenants. (2) The proposed development plans address floodplain concerns bby incorporating several design elements including raising the following elements to Design Flood Elevation, which is 1 ft above BFE: All residential units (76 total) with 12 of the total units on the first floor, the interior courtyard, the residential amenities including the fitness room and leasing office located on the courtyard site, 32 resident storage rooms, the Electrical room and Maintenance room. The following elements will not be raised to DFE but will be protected by dry floodproofing and/or floodgate technology in accordance with FEMA and NFIP code regulations and include: the bike storage areas, commercial space along Milpas and Ortega Streets and the electrical transformer on the northern property boundary. However, it should be noted that the commercial retail space is located above DFE, with the exception of a small lobby entrance off the street sidewalk. Additionally, the site features an emergency generator that will be situated on the roof to maintain operational safety. The proposed site design incorporates notable storm water engineering improvements which will increase ground percolation and reduce flow of runoff by 25% and will direct storm water flows away from the main building. Loss of life as a result of flooding is the highest priority concern, and the existing design minimizes potential damage to the property and multi-family units as a result of potential flooding. (3) This development is preserving natural and social values and minimizing impacts by providing infill development of needed multi-family residential units and commercial space. The property is currently developed with a hardware store; therefore, no loss to natural topography, habitat, or similar would occur as part of the proposed redevelopment. The site currently provides 2 residential units; therefore, minimal residential displacement will occur. The proposed development is located close to downtown areas. The proposed development is located within an area of strong supporting facilities including shopping, medical, and educational services. The proposed development is located within close proximity to available social services such as bus and pedestrian routes. (4) The subject property is also located one (1) block from the northern boundary of the flood zone, thus allowing for rapid evacuation of residents to a safe location, including emergency shelters that the City of Santa Barbara has used for previous extreme weather events. In addition, the City of Santa Barbara is a member of the National Flood Insurance Program. Tenants will be provided a tenant notification that the property is located within the 100-year floodplain and a Flood Evacuation Plan. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Weather System (NWS) monitors storm systems 24/7 and will issue warning notifications to Santa Barbara County via various mediums such as radio, TV, and internet. As part of the tenant notification and Flood Evacuation Plan, tenants will be advised of the comprehensive ALERT system that is utilized by Santa Barbara that provides rain fall, stream flow and reservoir level monitoring data available in real-time. The County Flood Control District maintains 65 ALERT rain gauges, 15 ALERT stream-flow gauges, 10 ALERT weather stations, and 6 ALERT reservoir gauge sites. The Santa Barbara Hydrology Department offers customized alerts (via telephone & email) to apartment tenants based on desired precipitation parameters. In addition, flood insurance will be maintained for the subject property. HUD has reevaluated the alternatives to building in the floodplain and has determined that it has no practicable alternative. Environmental files that document compliance with steps 3 through 6 of Executive Order 11988, are available for public inspection, review and copying upon request at the times and location delineated in the last paragraph of this notice for receipt of comments. There are three primary purposes for this notice. First, people who may be affected by activities in floodplains and those who have an interest in the protection of the natural environment should be given an opportunity to express their concerns and provide information about these areas. Second, an adequate public notice program can be an important public educational tool. The dissemination of information and request for public comment about floodplains can facilitate and enhance Federal efforts to reduce the risks and impacts associated with the occupancy and modification of these special areas. Third, as a matter of fairness, when the Federal government determines it will participate in actions taking place in floodplains, it must inform those who may be put at greater or continued risk. Written comments must be received by the HUD at the following address on or before October 22, 2018: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Attention: Ryan Lewis, One Sansome Street, Suite 1200, San Francisco, CA 94104. A full description of the project may also be reviewed from 8:00 am 4:30 pm at the address above. Comments may also be submitted via email at . Date: October 14, 2018 Oct. 14/2018--54155